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Full Time Jobs in Sri Lanka

The next big step to building your dream career From Accounting to Agriculture myJobs.lk is your ideal online tool for finding full time job vacancies in Sri Lanka. Full time jobs are career making jobs that are undertaken according to the skills and needs of job seekers. myJobs.lk lists vacancies available in multiple fields that offer full time positions to the right candidates. If

you are looking for employment opportunities that ideally cater to your academic and professional skills and experience, listed here are the positions available to you. We also list foreign job positions available for Sri Lankans along with positions available within the country. The correct full time position can be a turning point in your life and myJobs.lk is your online partner in finding employment.

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Part Time Jobs in Sri Lanka

Finding a job with hours that suit you We list the best part time job vacancies in Colombo and around Sri Lanka, ensuring that you have all the information regarding part time jobs at one convenient location. Part time jobs are an excellent way to take full advantage of your earning potential and skills without having to give up on your other ventures. Part time jobs offer hours

that are more suited to those attempting to strike a balance between home and work or school and work. myJobs.lk will help you find the job in Sri Lanka that suits your needs and that especially suits your time. These positions are ideally suited for parents with young children, college students and anyone who has extra time on their hands. The flexible working hours ensure that you have enough time to dedicate to your full time position, studies or family.

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Internships in Sri Lanka

Finding the right start for your dream career Are you a student or a recent graduate looking for an internship opportunity in Sri Lanka? Then you have reached the right place. Internships offer the unique experience of testing the waters before you immerse yourself in your chosen career. myJobs.lk lists the opportunities available in Sri Lanka for those looking to intern at

leading organizations in the country in various fields. The right internship opportunity can provide you with a host of benefits from gaining work experience and transferable skills, to networking with professionals in your field for references and future job opportunities. It can help you develop new skills while refining those that you already possess and help you gain practical experience in your prospective career path. We want to provide you with the best possible launch for your professional career and ensure your success in your chosen field. Apply today for internship, apprenticeship or training positions in Sri Lanka.

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